Formed to pioneer revolutionary breakthroughs in the renewable energy industry, increasing on-board vehicle power generation.   

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On-board power generation


In Wheel Kinetic Energy Recovery (KERS)

Recapturing Usable Energy 

Magne Generator has developed a new Wheel Turbine Generator™ that functions as a “frictionless” regenerative energy system that will substantially increase the mileage enjoyed by owners of electric and hybrid vehicles. With the increasing demand for new clean-tech vehicles, we believe demand for technology that improves the operational efficiency of electric and hybrid vehicles will grow exponentially. Our competitive edge and focus is in the recovery of kinetic energy from each wheel. 

By deploying our technology we will deliver a more cost effective and efficient regenerative system that re-captures usable energy from both motion and braking. This system will also greatly extend the life of the brakes and reduce brake maintenance while delivering an overall cleaner operation as it extends the range of the vehicle.

We are a small core company creating Renewable Energy Generation. Our blended On-board Power System will be available to golf courses, universities, governmental agencies, and aftermarket distribution networks.


blending kinetic and solar with our kersolar system tm


We enhance our competitive edge by blending our wheel generator with solar energy. The KerSolar System™ will capture more energy and provide a larger reduction in costs. Magne Generator’s on-board power system captures usable energy using our Frictionless Regenerative Brake system, which recovers kinetic energy from the wheels and then blends it with solar energy, to reduce recharge times, extend the life of the battery, and reduce brake maintenance throughout the life of vehicle. 

 We will transform the market as small electric carts and other small EVs such as the Neighborhood Electric Vehicle begin to gain more acceptance in our communities. These will replace fossil fuels which reduces emissions. This trend has already started in senior adult communities and is gaining momentum in the US and abroad. New master planned communities are incorporating the NEV as the only vehicle allowed in the community.

​As EVs become competitive to fossil fuel vehicles, more consumers will convert to electric. This reduces America’s petroleum dependence and creates a sustainable market, placing Arizona at the epicenter of production. It’s a great time to invest and get involved in this emerging market. With the rising costs of gasoline and greater public awareness about the effects of greenhouse gases, electric vehicles are becoming an increasingly viable alternative supported by government and the public. Along with technological advancements and rapid innovations, this is the industry of tomorrow.